- 23, May 24, 2015 - 5th Edition -

The 2015 edition will be held in Livorno on the historic circuit Montenero. Proceeds from the ordinary roads, has his departure on the picturesque waterfront; unravels around the homonymous hill crossing a stretch made famous by the movie "The Overtaking". The Tyrrhenian coast, the hilly hinterland, the city of St. Vincent and the village of Populonia disclose the event a valuable frame tourist - cultural.


After a year back the Coppa Montenero

The Coppa Montenero ASI enrolled in calendar 2015, is a manifestation of Regularity with free instrumentation.

The ranking, compiled on the basis of at least 40 trials, will allow crews to compete at the Final Tricolore ASI.



Here summarized some of the epic stages of the Cup, as are obtained by Luigi CIOMPI, by showing Tazio a Quercianella, Nuvolari a Livorno – Summer 2001

            1921 (september) - I° CIRCUITO DEL MONTENERO

The first "Coppa Montenero" picked 11 starters. It was an unprecedented success. The the expectation of press and media built on the myth of each of the 11 drivers made it difficult to distinguish the deeds fake and genuine lack of arguments.

The Circuit wound former Lazzaretto of San Leopoldo, where the finish line was located, to Antignano.

The return was by the Ardenza Terra and route of ring road. Total distance 110 km.

            1927 (agosto)-  VIIa COPPA MONTENERO

It presents a novelty: alongside the classic Coppa Ciano who ran the 14, it would be held the day after the Coppa Ciano offered as a prize by the daughter of Costanzo Ciano, Countess Maria. Begins the second period of Montenero Cup.

The best lap time was given by Tazio Nuvolari, who employed 15'38 "to the average of Km. 86 354



We are the first "Montenero-Ciano Cup". The "Ciano Cup" race for sports cars established in 1927 and that, held a week after "Montenero Cup" counts among its winners, Marinoni and Razzauti driving two Alfa, is suppressed and the Cup donated by SE Costanzo Ciano will be from now on most coveted trophy of the race Livorno.

In that year they run Varzi and Nuvolari. Take to the track, relying on two famous drivers, the "Alfa P2". Fierce duel, exciting and wrecked cars. The victory is won by beans that toured with magnificent continuity.

And here ends the second period of "Montenero" of the classical proof that after having seen rekindling the duel between Nuvolari and Varzi, after having seen, repeatedly, the participation of Borzacchini and Campari, after being a witness to the prowess of Chiron and Moll had, in a day now not far away, on a modified circuit, rally fans across Italy to see compete in the most important national race, the most famous pilots who now has the European motoring.



The City circuit's have their fifteen minutes of fame and also the organizers of the "Ciano Cup" to meet the desire expressed by the fans, change the race route

It abandons the mountainous part and the ring road is reduced from 20 to 7 km. The "Montenero" suffered a major amputation, but even so the circuit Livorno presents among the most difficult. Are the scene of Auto-Union entrusted to Rosemeyer, Varzi, Von Stuck.



 The "XVIIa “Montenero-Ciano”, almost a culmination of the efforts made by the organizers took the title of the fifteenth Italian Grand Prix. When the R.A.C.I. he decided to play in Livorno the fifteenth edition of the Italian Grand Prix, no one, neither in Rome or Milan, nor in Livorno could have predicted such a huge crowd of people to carry out the maximum test Italian car. The spectacle offered by the crowd on the track of "Cyan" along Km. 7128 is described by some thirty special envoys and this show, from racetrack, it is also a wide resonance in the German press that they had sent a dozen leaders in Livorno heading sport. The sky is gray, dotted with clouds and threatening rain; west wind and stormy sea.

At 14.45 begins the parade to the sound of the national anthems of the machines participating in the Grand Prix. First is the Alfa team with Nuvolari (cas. 55), in view of the victory in the latest edition; follows the Auto-Union led by Rosemeyer, then the Mercedes that has on board the first car Caracciola. There are 15 riders at the start: in the first row Caracciola (Mercedes), Varzi (Auto-Union), Rosemeyer (Auto-Union)  

At the start the first car that breaks the finish line is the one drive by Caracciola followed  by Rosemeyer and Varzi.

Follows close the compact ranks of racing cars including Germans has managed to creep Nuvolari.

Tazio with yellow t-shirt receives applause for seven kilometers because, in this beginning of the race, the circuit only has eyes for Nuvolari, Pride of the Yankees and the Tuscan Italian in particular.

The Mercedes of Caracciola and Lang are unattainable and positions of honor are defended by the pilots of the Auto-Union who, as they are concerned about the brakes, they have much more power than Nuvolari who is in a state of inferiority. At the thirty-first round, in fact, Nuovlari stops stall and gave his car to Farina.

Caracciola wins on Mercedes, who turns 50 revolutions equal to Km. 360.900 in two hours, 44'54 " to the average of Km. 131 310, according to Lang and third Rosemeyer.